Advanced – Permalinks Tab


Refresh the Permalinks Tab of the advance settings of the SEO on the Permalinks tab you can change quite a few things and most of these are slightly dangerous which is why they’re hidden there is couple of features here that i have and are old, and that I rather remove and most people will never but yet few people really need to wake but nor removing them. The first of the options here is good example of that.

0:39 The strip category base functionality basically does what it does what it says on ten if you go to a category page n your blog, it will almost always have slash category here in the url if you remove slash from url all this does is change this to that. As you can see if it redirects the old to the new that’s all nice and your category suddenly doesn’t have slash category in between. The problem is when you could we go back and you say ” Keep safe changes it doesn’t redirect by defaults so you get it 404.

1:23 So disabling the plugin now is no longer an option, so for this reason and more we tell people not to do this, there is no real SEO benefit to doing this but there are quite a few people who say that they like this type of category url or more if you are one of those people this function is for you.

1:49 Now the next one is redirect attachment url’s t their perma post url. For quite a while word press had default of linking to attachment page, when you include in the attachment in a post. So you would include an image and image will would automatically line to the attachment page for that image. Which is to be honest is rather stupid functionality i don’t like attachment pages for 99 out of 100 sites do not need it at all. So if you have the link like that add redirect and automatically redirect the attachment to your urls to the permanent post url. We don’t do that by default for the simple reason that if we did people who actually use their attachment pages would find the website not working anymore without knowing where to check.

2:40 clean up permalinks is another thing but it’s actually dealing with writing post instead of post are really exist, and if you write a new post ad you use a stop word then this automatically remove that stop work from your permalinks, now stop works are determined by language so this works pretty well for English and if it doesn’t work for language or you think this sooner stop work should be remove if you have this functionality on, which is by default then by all means submitted back reporter email ” Okay this stop work should be removed” At the same time stop work is something that you really should consider where you want to remove them or not in some case removing stop words leads to weird urls that don’t say the same thing as your headline. If it does make sure that you change it.

3:33 The next one is remove do reply to calm variables, if you have comments on any of a post you can reply to that comment this is called ” Threaded comments in word press” This works with Java script and it works for almost everyone but if you have Java script disabled it will actually generate a link that has a reply to come equals and then the number if that comment in that link linking back to the same post. If you have a hundred comments on the post this means that there are hundred links on that post that link to the same post but have a reply to come variable for Google these are all different urls. so we say ” remove the those reply to come variables if you can the only down side of this being your comments and reply to comment functionality no longer works for people that don’t have java script enabled.

4:28 We think that’s small lost over the big game that you get because otherwise Google would have to creole 101 urls to make sure that each and every one of them says the same thing. Now the next feature is the most ugly feature of the SEO it’s properly also one the oldest it’s cleanup your Permalinks. What this does is rather simple we will talk about those later. But if you have page now let’s say I’ve got this post and I add question mark it will automatically redirect it out that might seem very cool functionality and it actually is, until you enable a plugin that uses these url parameters. At the point that you do it will never work and you’ll have a very hard time figuring out why it doesn’t work.

5:35 Now there is a couple of reasons why you might you may want url parameter slide utm variables for check campaigns in Google analytic or Google site search url, if you use Google site search with your website. You can prevent cleaning those site, you can prevent other variables from being clean out. So I can say test here and i could do question mark test equals one. And I couldn’t do this. As this works some way but it’s also featured that we don’t really like maintaining because leads to allot of issues without our plugins. So if something is going wrong on a site that you are maintaining and you are thinking hey what could be check this section first and change redirect to n redirect. There is more here to clean bad functionality is going away because the only thing it does it hide Meta tags from the head of your pages and it’s really not needed.