Archives Tab

This is the Archive Tab the titles and Meta sections of your SEO here you can specify several different types of Archives, first of all you can specify a templates for often archives and Data Archives that work exactly the same as Taxonomy templates etc. which you can do more. You can specifically decide to disable author Archives should be so inclined or two index or no index done.

0:41 The reason to do this that especially on a single author blog author Archives are a exact duplicate of your blog page, because your Archives reshow your post and the ten latest post that you’ve written are exactly the same as it the latest post on the blog. So in that case we highly recommend that you disable the author Archives which means that author Archives will redirect to the homepage you can also choose to not disable them but to know index them. And the same goes for data base Archives sometimes date base Archives are not something you want but Word Press enables them by default, so it’s very simple to just disable them here and they will just redirect to the homepage.

1:32 With date base Archives you can also know index them with suit you want to, there also a couple of special pages that we have settings for here. These are the search page and the 404 page. For the search page you can specify a template here to tell people what they’ve searched for and what the title should look like. Now be aware that by default search pages will have a no index full attitude because it has been sold your SEO because search pages in the search results.

2:10 Your four pages also need a separate title you can set that here and for our four pages we’ll never show up in the search results either if your template is well coded and if it’s not you have an entirely problem which will show up console quite quickly. Now you cans set those they work the same way. There is one specific thing that you might that’s interesting for search pages that you search for phrase this variable replaces the search phrase that people in too the title, and it does that in safe way so you are not seeing able to react.