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Here are some quick tips to implement when building your email list. Use these tips to help you get more opens, more clicks, and more business.

Never buy or rent email addresses. Purchased and rented list almost always contain bad data and if your email does make it to someone’s inbox it’s likely they won’t recognize your business and will mark your email as spam. These complaints won’t help you in the long run.

Be careful adding people from address books, business cards, conferences, and trade shows. For best results send a personal email that includes a link to your sign up form. This puts your connections in control about being on your email marketing list. Then you’ll end up with people who explicitly want to be there and that means better responses to your email marketing campaigns.

Suggest people use their personal email address when signing up. Some people use what’s known as a role email address when signing up for email lists. These are emails that start with things like, users@, sales@, or [email protected].

Many times these email address get delivered to more than one person and this can lead to people complaining about emails they didn’t know someone else has signed up to receive. To avoid issues with email delivery suggest that people use their personal email address when signing up for your list.

Always set expectations around content and frequency. Be clear about what people who signed up to your email list should expect to receive. Also, let them know how frequently they should expect to hear from you. Frequency depends on the nature of your business but in most cases it makes sense to send at least once month. Try not to deviate from the expectations you set.

Request people add you to their trusted sender list. Sometimes internet service providers or ISP’s will block messages their users actually want to receive, or turn images off by default. To avoid these problems you may want to instruct subscribers to add the email you used in the from line to their safe sender list. A good way to do this is within an automatic welcome email you send to your subscribers.

With these tips in mind you’ll be on your way toward building a highly responsive email marketing list. Just what you need to build relationship that grow your business.

So those are all the tips I have for you today. If you’re looking for more email marketing advice visit Constant Contact.

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