Search Console and Redirects – Redirects Section


The redirect feature of Yoast SEO has several very powerful options, first of all in redirects page of the SEO settings you can create redirect here simply by adding the old url or newer url. It’s simple as say ” I want to redirect slash test or whatever url that was and I want to redirect it to either page on your site or to a completely different domain and I’m on a test site here, but doing this would result and redirect from slash test years to come.

0:41 You can also added redirects that are already there, the directs that you since created from the search console settings just by clicking at it, and you can change the alter url or newer url or you can change the type of reader. Now if you want to redirect to page 301 is type active will tell Google ” Okay this page has permanently move from here there” If the redirect is not permanent but might change in the coming few week or even months would be better of creating either a 3 or 2 or 307. If you’ve deleted a page you can say ” Hey i’v deleted this content and i did that on purpose, so I actually get it remove from Google faster that is or did deleted it for legal reasons you can do the 4 or 5/1.

1:30 I have a post on which will be link in the video in this video explains when to use both these. This is already cool but it’s actually even cooler when you create a page on your site a certain point, and you hit trash and then the puff there it is Yoast SEO is telling ” Hey you’ve moved a post to trash you can either redirect I to another url or make a server content for tenth content deleted header. You will also link you to the post that I just talk to her. All these together leads to you having quite a few redirects at some point for you site, there can be tons in here. There really is no maximum for it but they are a couple of settings that you might want to play with at some point if you want to move them to the web server.

2:31 If you are running Apache we can save the redirect straight to the Data access file if you are running into the axe it becomes a little bit harder, and we generate don’t recommend that you do it. I’m running an engine x so I’m not going to do it here. If you have passion you do have an extra access file this might be a slightly faster issue don’t have to have known allot of word press to do the redirects. If you have proper cashing most of the time they will cash the redirects as well so there is really no difference at that point between running it from the HX’s or from the cash.

3:05 3:05 Now we also have rejects for URX rejects redirects or redirects at redirect in an entire section of your site for instance I could say “I want to redirect everything that starts which slash everything after so I say i have a test sub directory and I want to move everything in that test directory to test to. These are things are kind of her to do, if you don’t know regular expression you might want to play with this bit because it’s very powerful stuff that can break your site very easily but this allows you to do very cools things. This will redirect est. page to dash two slash page. Now there is allot of things you can do here play with it but as I said “Don’t use re-directory if you don’t what you are doing yet. Make sure that you test every redirect that you put in place and with that you should have a featured that can keep your site squeaky clean.