Social – Facebook Tab


On the Facebook Tab of the Social settings of your search SEO you can enable or disable the open graph Meta Data, open Graph is the system of meta Data that Facebook uses to allow you to tell what you want to show on Facebook when you share a specific url, not just Facebook uses open graph Twitter, pintrest,Google Plus and allot of other networks actually use open graph Meta Data as a fall back in for their own meta Data or the in the case of Pintrest and LinkedIn they don’t even have their own Meta Data they just use the Facebook Meta Data. So disabling this is usually not very good ideal.

0:52 In the settings you can do a few other things, you can add a default image. So if you don’t have no images in your post and you didn’t specify a specific Facebook image then it will use this default image when sharing a url on your site. Also you can allow access to Facebook insights.

Facebook insight is an incredibly in useful analytic package that Facebook gives you that tells you allot of stuff about your site, and how your site is perceived on Facebook 1:29 (inaudible) actually wrote a very large long post about how to use Facebook page insights. And you should really read it.