Tools – File Editor Tab


The second tool on the tools Tab is the File Editor. The file Editor lets you add it to types file let you create if you don’t have one or edit your real file. And it lets you editor Htx if you are on the patchy. Now editing your Htx is a very scary thing to do, because if you do it wrong you might actually break your own access to the site. So only do that if you have Ftp access to the site. And actually most host will not allow you to change that file from within word press which is probably the right thing to do.

0:44 The row tasty editor allows you to change the rollers of the Xt for this same thing goes, if you do’t know what you are doing you probably shouldn’t be here if you can disallow so you can block certain directories where you can allow certain directories or specific urls to be open by robots in this case mostly Google Bot. And this is the default word-press Robot are tasty and yes it’s supposed to look like this including this allow line because otherwise if you have if you have any script on front page as uses Hx if Google one is being able to spider your entire site and the consequences can be dire. So do not remove this unless you know %100 certain what you are doing.